Investment Specifics for Four Leaf Clover Stable, LLC

We are a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to limit each Partner's liability to the amount invested. You will be actually investing in membership units of the whole company.

Initial Capital Investment

 The initial capital contribution covers the Partner's interest in the acquisition expenses, entity costs and equine mortality insurance. The initial contribution does not cover expenses incurred in the racing horses. (see racing expenses). 

On - Going Capital Requirements

Each investor is responsible for his or her ownership pro rata share of expenses typically on a quarterly basis. A typical capital call is usually $200-300 per 1% of investment. If the horses are earning purse money then quarterly capital expenses could be waived.

The Costs that Typically occur

Trainer $90-100 per day

Veterinarian $1000 per month

Blacksmith $200 per month

Transportation to other tracks $400 a year

Mortality Insurance- annual premium bases on 4-5% of horses acquisition

Ongoing business cost $100-200 a month.

Capital calls will be made the quarter before. Again if purse money is accumulating then there will be no

need for additional Capital at certain quarters. 

Race Expenses

Trainer's percentage

Jockey Fee

Pony to Post


State and Local Taxes

Nomination fee (if required)

(Percentages and takeouts of industry are standard race expenses)




Distributions will be made to the partnership's members when money in the account  significantly exceeds the upcoming quarter's projected maintenance expenses, typically if a large purse is won and after projecting the next quarter's expenses.

Manager's Compensation

Sale of a horse at a reasonable markup to the LLC

Percentage of purse earnings

Shares in a syndication of a stallion