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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

"IN IT TO WIN IT"  That is the committed slogan of Four Leaf Clover Stable. Enjoy the fun and excitement of owning Thoroughbred Race Horses at an affordable price. We want to put you in the winners circle as often as possible.

 We will put our horses and owners in the best position to excel with good integrity.


Managing Partner

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

John O'Hara will act as the Managing Partner of Four Leaf Clover Stable. His duties will be daily communication with trainers and partners regarding training, workouts, race days and partner events. Along with that he will handle the in house bookkeeping, quarterly and yearly financials. He will also be in charge of partnership licenses and updates on the web site.



Mission Statement


 Most partnerships only allow you to buy into one horse. With Four leaf Clover Stable, your investment buys into every horse that we purchase or claim at any point. The more you purchase the more stake in the game you have. Or you can own a little bit and enjoy being a partner for the fun of it.


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