What does Four Leaf Clover Stable do?

We assemble partners together to share in the ownership of race horses and achieving dreams of getting to that winners circle and making money along the way.

Who acquires the horses for the Stable?

Managing Partner John O'Hara ultimately decides which horses will join the Four Leaf Clover Stable and be a part of the family. We will have acquisition support from trainers and pedigree advisers.

How does the Partnership make money?

Percentage of purse winnings.

Commission on the sale of a profitable horse.

Shares in the syndication of a stallion.

A horse that is claimed by another owner in a race of more value than what we paid for the horse originally. 

Is it better to buy a larger percentage or lesser?

The partnership will treat each and all partners with equal respect.

Owning more means you could make more. The partnership is made to make everyone feel like they own the whole horse. 

Why a Partnership rather than owning your own horse?

Being in a legit Partnership has much better tax implications for your personal tax return. Owning race horses as a soul individual is looked upon by the IRS as a hobby and they disallow a lot of the expenses that you pay for . 

In the Partnership you get all the tax expenses we occur. Owning a race horse can be expensive especially if you only own one. If the horse is injured, now your footing the bill all alone. With many partners we share in those expenses. With multiple horses the odds are one of them is paying the bills for us.

Why is the Partnership a Limited Liability Company?

An LLC limits the liability to the members. Only the assets of the entity are at risk and not those of the individual.

Can a Partner leave at any time?

We ask that each partner sign a contact for a minimum of two years. It will limit the headache of partners coming and going and cut down the paperwork. We will work on calendar years. At 12-31 of the second year. You can decide to leave the partnership. 

What are the type of horses the Partnership will purchase?

Claiming Horses: 

Allowance Horses:

Purchases of young better bred horses with hopeful futures of winning big money. We will purchase those at sales. 

How do you choose a Jockey?

I have always felt the trainer was the best person to select Jockeys for certain races. They are suited to understand each riders capability and style.